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Is there a Checklist for Creating Mobile Websites?

Im getting some reps to sell and they want to have a list of all information they need before they leave the business. Do we have a checklist sheet that we can give to clients that lists all the stuff we need to complete their mobile site?


Here is a basic list of important things to get from clients before creating mobile websites.

  1. Contact Person’s E-mail
  2. Contact Person’s Phone Number
  3. Name of Company
  4. Company Phone Number
  5. Company Website URL
  6. Social Media Account URL’s (if any)
  7. Company Logo (should be e-mailed to the sales person)
  8. Company brand colors in hex color codes (can also be e-mailed, or pulled from desktop site)
  9. Pages on Desktop Site to be included on Mobile Site (ie: About Us, Locations, Menu, Calendar, Photo Gallery)
  10. Any photos to be included on Mobile Site

If you can think of any other information that would be good to have right away, leave them in the comments and I will add them to this list!

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