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Is BlackBerry Back?

BlackBerry has finally made its grand debut after months of hang-ups and delays. With their recent unveiling came a re-branding of Research In Motion which is now called “BlackBerry” and two new smartphones: the Z10 and Q10.

They are taking the plunge head first into vying for a top spot in the smartphone market.  At this point, BlackBerry is no competition for iOS and Android, however, they may stand a chance against the Microsoft Windows Phone.

Like all smartphones, their aim is to increase productivity for its user.  To achieve this, many big name apps will be released on this platform as well as a new feature called “Balance” that allows its customers to manage their personal and professional lives by connecting the two through the device and allowing the user to jump between the two as well as separate the device into two pieces, if they choose.

BlackBerrys of the past can thank Corporate America and government agencies for their success, however, times have changed and so has the variety and number of smartphone users.  Mobile app, Bite Interactive, conducted a poll that showed 47% of consumers were intrigued by the new BB10, however, only 1 in 8 would actually even consider switching to this device.

Since mobiFriendly was launched in 2011, we have only seen a very small amount of traffic from BlackBerry devices on the mobile websites we power, however, we look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for platform traffic with these new additions. Only time will tell if the BlackBerry brand and its new line of smartphones can stand a chance against the smartphone giants we all know and love.

image from Business Insider/Kevin Smith
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