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iPhone 5 Spider, Google Goggles, and a Triangle Android Phone… coming soon?

There’s always speculation about which new device will be released by the smartphone giants. These are our favorite concepts:

iPhone 5 Spider

Anything but normal. Based on 100% speech interaction, this new iPhone would fit on the back of your hand and look like a spider when it stands alone. Designer: Federico Ciccarese
iPhone5 Spider on wrist

Sitting on your wrist
iPhone 5 Spider navigation app

Navigation App
iPhone 5 Spider stand alone
Stand alone

Watch the video here >>


Android Triple-Display Flip Phone

Flip phones have almost completely disappeared from the “new smartphone” genre. However, this Android concept could bring it back in big way. Designer: Kristian Ulrich Larsen
android triple display flip phone

In Action

android triple display flip phone

Different Ways to Use

Google Goggles

Augmented reality right in a pair of glasses. This video shows how the world would be different with Google’s Project Glass:

And just because it’s Friday… A parody version with Google Ads:

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