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iOS Still Dominating the mobiFriendly Platform

The team at mobiFriendly continually analyze our device traffic to spot any trends between the different smartphone operating systems. It comes as no surprise that our two largest operating system contenders are iOS and Android.

iOS definitely takes the top stop with its device traffic ranging from 57.26% (at its lowest) all the way to 66.13% (at its highest) in the past year. Android comes in at second with 32.18% (at its lowest) and 39.03% (at its highest) in the past year.

BlackBerry, Windows Phones and other operating systems finish up our list only accounting for only typically 2-4% of our device traffic.



MobiFriendly device traffic moves a small bit each month but overall, these numbers have barely altered in the past 16 months and no significant changes have been spotted, even with the unveiling of the new BlackBerry. Check out our graphs above to see how the different operating systems stack up each month against one another. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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