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Internet Hall of Fame 2012 – Where are Steve Jobs, Al Gore?

The Internet Society has established the Internet Hall of Fame to publicly recognize visionaries, leaders and luminaries who have made significant contributions to the global Internet. When we first read this list, we expected names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Steve Wozniak, etc. etc. on the list. NONE of these are on the list. While all these folks we routinely associate with the Internet are out, Al Gore is in! All we can say is, congratulations Mr. Gore.

The nomination criteria has four primary categories:

  • Impact: The contribution has significantly impacted the development or growth of the Internet and continues to demonstrate relevance to the Internet’s ongoing advancement and evolution.
  • Influence: The contribution, relative to the Internet, has significantly influenced: 1) the work of others in the field; 2) society at large; or 3) another more defined but critical audience/group.
  • Innovation: The contribution has broken new ground with original thinking/creativity that has established new paradigms, eliminated obstacles or accelerated Internet advancements.
  • Reach: The contribution has significantly impacted the Internet’s reach among society at large or key audiences in small, but equally important geographies.

So who is on the list? On April 23, 2012 the following folks were inducted:


  • Paul Baran: Inventor of packet switching techniques
  • Vint Cerf: Co-designer of TCP/IP protocols
  • Danny Cohen: First to implement packet video and voice on ARPANET
  • Steve Crocker: Improved security protocols for ARPANET
  • Donald Davies: Co-inventor of packet switching computer networking
  • Elizabeth Feinler: Pioneered and managed ARPANET, DDN, NIC (also invented WHOIS)
  • Charles Herzfeld: Director of ARPA in the 1960s (oversaw decision to create ARPANET)
  • Robert Kahn: Co-inventor of TCP/IP protocols
  • Peter Kirstein: Started European node of ARPANET with transatlantic IP connectivity
  • Leonard Kleinrock: Directed first transmission to pass over ARPANET
  • John Klensin: Definitional work for DNS
  • Jon Postel: Created IANA; Internet’s protocol management system
  • Louis Pouzin: Designed CTSS and CYCLADES from which TCP/IP was derived
  • Lawrence Roberts: Designed and managed ARPANET

 Global Connectors

  • Randy Bush: Founding engineer of Verio, co-founder of ICANN’s DNSO, founding Board of Trustee of ARIN
  • Kilman Chon: Developed first Internet in Asia (SDN)
  • Al Gore: Former VP of  USA and key proponent of sponsoring legislation funding public access of Internet
  • Nancy Hafkin: Key figure in African networking ICT framework
  • Geoff Huston: Critical role in bringing Internet to Australia
  • Brewster Kahle: Founder and director of Internet Archive (WayBack Machine)
  • Daniel Karrenberg: Pioneer of Internet in Europe, co-founder of RIPE, NCC serving Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Toru Takahashi: Instrumental in bringing Internet to Japan
  • Tan Tin Wee: Instrumental in bringing Internet to Singapore, first Gopher service to Japan


  • Mitchell Baker: Instrumental in Mozilla Project
  • Tim Berners-Lee: Inventor of the World Wide Web (while at CERN)
  • Robert Cailliau: Proposed (along with Tim Berners-Lee) the hypertext system for accessing documentation over the Internet
  • Van Jacobson: Created algorithms that prevent congestion on TCP
  • Larry Landweber: Created first networking project TheoryNet that lead to the modern email system
  • Paul Mockapetris: Expanded Internet beyond academia by inventing DNS
  • Craig Newmark: Founder of Craiglist (30 billion page view per month, 50 million users, 12 languages)
  • Raymond Tomlinson: Invented the network email (and selected the @ sign in emails)
  • Linus Torvalds: Creator of LINUX, leading supporter of open source software
  • Philip Zimmermann: Creator of PGP (email encryption)


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