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Images Leaked – Samsung Announces the “Active”

It seems to be a frequent occurrence for Samsung as of lately and yet again, a few images and videos were leaked of their newest smartphone. Last week, we told you about their newest phone from their wildly popular flagship, the Galaxy S4 Mini. This week, the Galaxy S4 Active has been announced.

With the likes of the Sony Xperia Z and ZR, the S4 Active is a rugged smartphone. It can withstand dust and water particles as well as endure a variety of not-so-common environments. The phone has the capability of being under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, plus it has a water-resistant earphone jack so you can enjoy music while swimming on a summer’s day or every day like my boss. 🙂

The Active comes with a 5.0 inch full HD TFT LCD screen and an 8-pixel rear camera with “aqua-mode” so it can enhance image quality when underwater. When watching a video, the Active uses optical cues, so if you look away it will pause and if you look back at the screen it will begin again (pretty cool, huh?). Air View and Gesture are another exciting feature, which let you flutter over content for different previews or scroll pages and take calls by the simple wave of your hand.

We have a few outdoor aficionados in our office that would definitely enjoy using this new smartphone. The phone is set to initially launch in Sweden and the United States sometime this summer.

What do you think about a rugged and fully functional smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!

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