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How can I get a client’s Logo if I can’t drag it from the desktop site or copy the URL?

When a client says “I don’t have a copy of my logo” AND have a site where I try and grab this logo off her site and it doesn’t work, how can I add it to the mobile site?
What’s your recommendation for good software to grab stuff like that?


Have you tried Google-ing the logo? Sometimes if you go to Google and type the name of the business + logo (so for MobiFriendly I would search “MobiFriendly Logo”) then click on Images over on the left side, you can find the logo for the business.

Do you use a Mac or a PC?

On a Mac – if you press command+shift+4 , your cursor will turn into a little circle. If you click and drag then a box will appear, and anything in this box when you let go of the mouse button will be saved to your desktop as “Picture 1”. If there’s no other way to get a logo this is what I resort to. The image won’t be transparent so you have to match the background color, but it usually works pretty well.

On a PC – if you pull up the website you need the logo from and press “Prnt Scrn”, you can go into Paint (or PhotoShop or – whatever you use) and paste the whole screen. Then you can use the Paint tools to get rid of everything except the logo. It’s a longer process but it works, too.

I don’t know of any specific software to grab logos or specific parts from webpages. If I find a better way I will definitely let you know!

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