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Google is Changing the Game

Last week, the CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside announced something by the name of Moto X. With a name like that, we wonder, what could it be? Well, it just may be a game changer for the smartphone market, not only because of what it does but where it comes from.

Moto X is self-aware and Woodside says it certainly puts the “smart” in smartphone. When I first read it was self-aware, that seemed to be a broad term as to what that could mean, however, Woodside illustrated that it has the capability to know when you are reaching for your smartphone and taking it out of your pocket, it can figure out when you want to take a photo by turning on the camera app for you, plus it will know when you are traveling in a vehicle.

There is no doubt that this phone is incredibly innovative and if Google’s acquisition with Motorola Mobility comes into play, that will be a huge step in the right direction. However, there are some potential issues that should be addressed such as:
1. Will Google burn bridges with Samsung and HTC if Google Now and Moto X are integrated together?

2. What about Motorola’s limited global market share?

On the contrary, Moto X has one MASSIVE advantage that no other smartphone has… it will be ‘Made In America.” Woodside stated, “Moto X is the first smartphone that will be made in the U.S. We’re building it in Texas. We are going to employ about 2,000 people outside of Fort Worth at a 500,000 square foot facility. That’s a plant that once made phones for Nokia and at one time employed 6,000 people.”

‘Made In America’ is not only a huge selling point for purchasers but the fact that it will stimulate our local economy and create jobs is always a plus in any American’s book.

Unfortunately, no images or specs have been released that we can share but we want to know, would you purchase a self-aware smartphone? What do you think? Let us know!

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