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First Look at Windows 8 | Good, Bad or Ugly?

With little fanfare, Microsoft has released an amateurish video that shows us a quick glimpse of what’s to come in the new Windows 8 UX. Microsoft needs to learn how to create buzz from Apple and how to release slick, professional videos. Based on first looks, we have a few comments…

First, we are quite happy with Microsoft’s endorsement of HTML5 and its philosophy of “web-connected and web-powered” apps. This is more in line with Google Android and away from Apple iOS. Unless you are an interactive game developer and/or want to load a bunch of content locally, you’ll be quite happy with this Microsoft philosophy.

Second, we like the clear, uncluttered, simple, ever-ready user interface. The multi-workspace approach is easy and intuitive, and it offers easy touch-gesturing.

On a negative note, Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be the universal OS for both touch-based (tablet) and mouse-based (desktop) devices. In theory, this sounds great. You can use Microsoft Office products on a tablet, but in practical terms it will be quite difficult to use Excel using touch interfaces. Maybe Microsoft has a trick up its sleeve that we don’t know about.

Lastly, we really hope that Microsoft has learnt lessons from its limited successes of Zune and Windows Phone 7, and failures of the Microsoft KIN. We await the release of the second video.

So what’s our overall assessment? We give it a solid B- but reserve judgment for future videos…

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