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You Do Need a Mobile Website & Here's Why

We’ve heard every excuse in the book when it comes to companies feeling like mobile “isn’t for them”. I won’t even respond to these excuses using detailed statistics proving that mobile is the future. I’ll just use common sense.

“We have an iPhone App”

Perfect. If you know ALL of your customers use iPhones and every single one of them has downloaded your app, you’re all set. No one ever downloads an app and uses it one time only to forget about it (There are stats proving this does happen, but I’m refraining from using them).
And, Android users only make up about half of the mobile population. But you don’t need to worry about that part of the market. You have an iPhone app…

“We have an Android App”

-See above, but replace “iPhone” with “Android”. Not to mention people do still use Blackberry, Windows, and other phones…

“My company has very strict brand guidelines. I can’t use a mobile template.”

First – I’m willing to bet that the way your desktop site shows up in a mobile browser wouldn’t meet your company standards, either.
Does your company create ads or have a website with the logo on it? Perfect. You can take that logo and upload it to the platform (or use the URL right from your desktop site, your choice). You can use your Exact color scheme any way that your brand standards require you to. Custom CSS allows you to modify almost every aspect of the mobile site. We’ll even provide the codes. “Template” or “Platform” may mean that customization is limited with other mobile site companies, but we offer complete control of how your site will look on a mobile browser. And there is no “Powered By:” logo.

If you do find you need something very in depth that the platform can’t provide, we can also make completely custom pages (like How much better can it get?

“We have a great desktop website” or “Our website already works on mobile devices”

If you have a smart phone, and everyone you work with has a smart phone, chances are your customers have smart phones, too. Have you tried looking at your own website on your mobile browser?
Go ahead.
Try it.
Once you’re done attempting to zoom in and click on the teeny-tiny link for locations, or squint your eyes to make out event dates, go ahead and look at the mobilized sites created with our platform.
Which site do you think your customers would prefer?

“We’re not interested in a mobile website at this time”

Why does everyone insist on playing catch-up? The companies that give this excuse are probably the same ones who didn’t have a desktop website until 2009. Remind them how fun it was scrambling to get their business online when their competitors had been there for years and already topped the search engine results. (Google says they are working on rewarding sites who have mobile versions when consumers use the search engine on a mobile device.) Being a leader and exploring a new territory can be risky, but smart phones and mobile web browsing are not passing fads.

keeping with the “Time” theme…

“We’re interested, but this is Not a Priority Right Now”

I know I said I wouldn’t use stats in these answers but they are so overwhelming it’s impossible to ignore them.

  1. Half a billion (yes, Billion) people accessed the web on mobile devices in 2009, worldwide
  2. This year over 85% of phones have internet access
  3. By 2014 Mobile web traffic will surpass desktop / laptop traffic altogether.
  4. Many people who use the mobile web only use mobile web, as in no desktop / laptop / or even tablet web surfing. (Source: On Device Research)
  5. As much as 52% of mobile users are unlikely to return to your site if they have trouble accessing it from their phone. Are you willing to lose over half of your customers just because you don’t have a mobile-friendly website?

I can’t think of a nice way to say “Make it a Priority”, but that is the general idea I’m trying to get across here. You do need to make a mobile website. Now.

At MobiFriendly we’ve always gone by this motto, and I’ll repeat it for those who are unaware.

The Future is Mobile; With or Without You.

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