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Embrace+: Notifications Just Got Better!

There are two kinds of smartphone users: those who always keep their phone within an arm’s length, whether it be in their pocket, on their desk or in many cases, sleeping with their phone… while others, like myself, love their phone but often times forget where they placed it or may not be the best at keeping tabs with calls, messages and other alerts. There is a new smart device that can help any smart phone user, but especially those who are absent-minded (like me) when it comes to their phones.

The Embace+ is smart bracelet that notifies a user that they have messages, incoming calls or app alerts. A neat feature is that a user can change the colors for different people and their incoming calls and messages so you know when you should answer the phone or perhaps in some cases, keep it ringing. This bracelet also sets off social media notifications as well as alerts for alarms and low battery life.

The Embrace+ is not on the market yet but it is said to sell for $49. This bracelet will work for both Android and iOS users will be able to change various settings within the app such as various colors, length of blinks and vibrations as well as brightness. Embrace+ has roughly a 10 day battery life if a person is receiving 100 notifications, give or take, a day and there is talks of it being waterproof so you will sincerely never miss a thing, which may or may not be a good thing. 😉

My initial thoughts of this “smart bracelet” was that it was silly. People are already fixated on their phones enough, this just seemed to be another distraction. However, after giving this product more thought and consideration, I actually believe it to be a great idea. This would certainly help people in public settings so they are not distracting others with ringtones and vibrations. The price of this product is fair and I believe the Embrace+ is extremely innovative and most importantly, useful.

Want to see Embace+ in action? Check it out at KickStarter!

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