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Drive traffic to your mobile website

Our white label partners and their customers frequently ask us this question:

“What are the best practices for driving traffic to our mobile website?”

While there is no silver bullet answer to this, we have created a 7-point recommendation list for you to follow. These are quite easy to implement and are sure to increase your mobile traffic:

  1. Redirection from your desktop site: This is pretty simple to implement and the mobiFriendly provides all tools and code required for this.
  2. Sub-domain compatibility with your desktop site: If your desktop site is, make sure that your mobile site is (believe it or not, users are actually starting to expect this and are typing in directly into their mobile browser).
  3. Collateral publicity: Make sure that all your printed material has your URL and (space permitting) a QR code that points to the mobile site (you’ll be surprised as to how many large companies publish QR codes only to point it to their desktop site – this is a poor practice). All mobile sites created on the MobiFriendly platform come standard with a QR Code
  4. SMS campaign: SMS is a commodity that can be bought cheaply and easily. SMS open-rates are staggeringly higher than email open rates. When implemented with a sign-up and nurture campaign (maybe with incentives), you can drive not only traffic to your mobile site, but also drive membership
  5. Mobile sitemap.xml submission: Much like SEO for desktop, you will need to take a similar tactic for mobile. The mobiFriendly platform already provides tools for meta keywords and description, but you should submit sitemap.xml (mobile-format) to the various search engines for better SEO.
  6. RSS feed consumption on mobile: One of our newer features on mobiFriendly is to create dynamic content on the mobile site by consuming RSS feeds. End users enjoy non-static content. We have a simple, effective way of providing it!
  7. PR: As of this writing, more than 98% of businesses are not mobile compatible. If you are, you are already a leader. Get some mileage out of it by doing some publicity. Just try search for “mobile website” in Google News and see how many large companies are publicizing their mobile plans.

Since you are reading this blog, you already know that mobile is exploding. Stats for local search are staggering. If your mobile website is listed near the top, you will definitely see more traffic.

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