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Does a Smartphone’s OS matter to consumers?

The obvious and immediate answer is “Of course it does!” But looking at data from it appears that only 50% of iPhone and Android users agree. Not surprisingly, 40% or less of Blackberry, Windows, and other smartphone users think that the operating system of their smartphone is “very important”. When the operating system is put up against other features, it ranks dead last in what consumers consider most important.


Sure, there will be always be fanboys and girls who won’t stray from their favorite operating system, but the majority of the population doesn’t seem to mind what version of what OS they are running, just as long as they have the features and “other” options they’ve come to expect.

Price is usually a high ranking category for most purchase decisions, but price sensitivity isn’t much different across these four systems. It seems that consumers don’t put much thought into who is manufacturing their device either, especially when it comes to Android.

Google’s mobile OS may have the highest market share, but people using it aren’t concerned with the hardware brand that created their device. Maybe companies like LG, Samsung, and  HTC should put a little more thought into their brand equity…

And at the bottom of the chart is the subject of the original question, the operating system. In the grand scheme of things, most think that it is an important factor, but when it comes right down to it less than 20% of consumers make buying decisions based on a smartphone’s operating system.

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