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CES 2012 Report Card

Here’s a quick report card on the top tech companies from CES 2012. As usual, Apple was nowhere in sight; and surprisingly, Microsoft announced that this is the last year that they will attend CES:

Intel: A+
Intel and ultrabooks go hand-in-hand. This is become obvious from CES 2012. Ultrabooks are sleek laptops that match and exceed the MacBook Air in sleekness and in performance. They all run on Intel. Intel also announced a new line of chips for Smartphones and Lenovo (china) has already endorsed these.

Microsoft: A
Windows Phone 7.5 has great promise. From what we have seen and tested, it is the cream of the crop and is ready to compete with Android and iOS. With Samsung, HTC and Nokia phones coming out in Q1, expect Windows Phone to become a formidable force in the mobile world in 2012. History may repeat itself; maybe it’s time for WinTel to shine…

Lenovo: B+
Already doing well in the laptop world, Lenovo’s K800 is ready to enter the smartphone market with Intel chips. This is new for Lenovo, but we commend their bold move.

Nokia: B
With the announcement of the Lumina 900, Nokia has made a splash. Whether the American public prefers it over the Samsung (Focus) and HTC (Titan) models remains to be seen.

Google: B-
More Android; still more Android, but no solutions for fragmentation. Expect Android and some Apple users to try out the Windows Phones. It’s inevitable. Yes, we’ll have some naysayers from Apple and Android fanboys and fangirls, but Windows Phones are here to stay.

Samsung: B-
We like Samsung products, but are not fond of their newly announced ecosystem concept. Do they think they are Apple? They have neither the products nor the loyalty!

Dell, HP, LG all get C grades

Poor RIM gets a D grade

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