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Mobile Websites with: Menus

What’s your favorite restaurant? If it’s a large, national chain you might get lucky when you go to their mobile site. Red Robin has done a great job. Chipotle? Not so much…       The story is the same whether you are looking for a restaurant, […]

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Mobile Websites with: Locations and GPS

What is the main reason you go to a website on your phone? a) To find franchisee information for my favorite restaurant. The thought of looking at PDFs and filling out complex forms on my phone excites me! b) I want to read the complete company history […]

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Mobile Websites with: Generic Content

All of the modules are great to have on hand in case you need to add certain functions to your mobile websites. But what if you just want to add a little text, tell your visitors about the company, highlight an employee of the month, or even […]

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Mobile Websites with: External Links

Mobile websites (when they’re created correctly…) tend to have all of the information that users are looking for. They’re organized nicely, they’re easy to navigate, and contact information is readily available. But there are certain aspects that just can’t be contained within mobile websites. What if a […]

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Mobile Websites with: Calendar of Events

A calendar of events can be tricky to navigate on mobile websites. If it shows up as an actual calendar, the fonts are guaranteed to be too small to read without pinching and zooming. And if you hit the wrong date, you have to backtrack and hopefully […]

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Smartphones Are Taking Over

Almost half (49.7%) of all mobile users now have a Smartphone, and those that have one are smart enough to know that a website should perform differently on their shiny new mobile device. More smartphones = more mobile web traffic. More mobile web traffic means that mobile […]

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