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Embrace+: Notifications Just Got Better!

There are two kinds of smartphone users: those who always keep their phone within an arm’s length, whether it be in their pocket, on their desk or in many cases, sleeping with their phone… while others, like myself, love their phone but often times forget where they […]

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Mobile World Congress 2013 Scoop

The biggest and best mobile technology event took place this past week in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile World Congress brought in over 70,000 people wanting to find out what’s up next in the mobile world. Although there are countless exciting and innovative products coming out that deserve attention… […]

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Newsletter: Languages and Share Features Have Arrived!

  We are so excited to announce that we have launched two of our largest advancements as of yet for the White Label program. These include a Social Share feature as well as the first leg of the Languages option. Both features allow our platform and the […]

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The Most Active and Engaged Moviegoers are… Mobile Connected!

Nielsen has determined that mobile device users, whether it be smartphones or tablets, are proving to be the most active and engaged moviegoers. They use their devices through the entire movie going process, whether they are going out or staying in to watch a film. They can […]

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M Commerce is Growing and Improving

During the holiday season, we told you about the growing number of online consumers from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the months of November and December, online retailers saw roughly a 53% increase of mobile shoppers making purchases from their devices. For the consumers […]

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Address and Map Not Syncing Correctly on Location Module? We Can Help!

Occasionally we get calls here at mobiFriendly saying that the mapping in the Location module is not working properly.  The issue is that the address is correct, however, for anyone clicking on the Google Map provided, they are taken to a wrong location, sometimes just down the […]

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Reon Is The Future Of Contacts

In our blog a few weeks back, we told you about an app the Parsus team helped develop for Water’s Edge Partners called Reon.  This app makes it easier than ever to store and locate contacts based on when and where you met them – rather than […]

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Is BlackBerry Back?

BlackBerry has finally made its grand debut after months of hang-ups and delays. With their recent unveiling came a re-branding of Research In Motion which is now called “BlackBerry” and two new smartphones: the Z10 and Q10. They are taking the plunge head first into vying for […]

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Instagram has been added to mobiFriendly Platform

Attention White Labels: We are excited to announce that we have added Instagram to our platform.  You can find it under the Social Media tab with this icon: One of the most popular ways to snap, filter, transform and share photographs. 90 Million Monthly Active Users 40 […]

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2012 Smartphone Usage Index

Last time, I shared with you what mobile devices people were using to visit the mobile websites our platform powers.  This time, I’d like to share with you where these visitors are coming from. We have created a “Smartphone Usage Index” for mobiFriendly and all our White […]

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