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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

  For over 50 years, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has worked tirelessly to advance cures and prevent pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment for all children, no matter their race, religion or family’s income. St. Jude Children’s Research hospital is internationally recognized for their efforts and is […]

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Happy 40th Birthday, Cell phone!

It does not seem possible that the first cell phone was unveiled 40 years ago today thanks to its creator, Martin Cooper. Nearly all aspects of the original cell phone have changed, from it’s battery life (then: 20 minutes, now: hours upon hours, even days in many […]

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Newsletter: More Languages and Photo Gallery Enhancement

Last month, we told you about our biggest advancement as of yet on the mobiFriendly platform. In the first wave, we added Spanish. This month, we have even bigger news, we’ve added multiple languages to increase the accessibility of our platform to people from all corners of […]

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Tiny Charger Can Save The Day

Have you ever been in a situation where your phone died and you’d give anything to have 20 minutes of battery life to make an important call or send an email? Devotec Industries has created the world’s smallest phone charger to give you just that. I was […]

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Mobile March Madness

  demonstrates The March Madness buzz is still going strong. Favorites have been chosen and brackets have been broken. MBA@UNC has put together this info-graphic below to break down the business of the Madness. A point I found interesting about this information is that last year, 69% […]

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Nielsen’s Mobile Consumer Report

  Nielsen recently released their Mobile Consumer Report which shares a number statistics that relate to mobile devices and their users on a global scale from their 2012 findings. I have included a few of their interesting charts for all of you to take a look at. You can access […]

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WordPress Mobile Redirection Using FTP Client

There are over 62.6 million WordPress sites worldwide. This is one of the most popular platforms many of our customers use so we wanted to share a simple way to redirect WP sites to mobile using FTP (File Transport Protocol). You will need to have a FTP […]

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Smaller-Sized, Low Cost Tablets = Boost in Market Share

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has increased its forecast of the 2013 tablet sales thanks much in part to the number of lower-priced, smaller-sized devices that are now on the market. Their forecast has increased by nearly 20 million units, from 172.4 million to 190.9 million units […]

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How Much Time Do YOU Spend On Your Smartphone?

The mobile phone represents so much more than just a communication device. We use our smartphones to not only make calls and texts for business and pleasure but we also use it to organize our lives through apps, browse the Internet, make purchases, pay bills and everything […]

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Smartphones Surpass Feature Phones – It’s About Time!

For the past few years, every year was deemed “the year of the smartphone,” however, it actually seems to be the case in 2013. The shipments of smartphone devices will officially trump those of feature phones, which is a first. The IDC (International Data Corporation) has conducted […]

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