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Love Apple and have a million laying around?

Apple fanatics have been known to wait in line for hours or days on end and are willing to drop a pretty penny for their hottest gadgets. How much do you think a true Apple fan would be willing to spend on the product that started it […]

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Never Been Seen Video of Steve Jobs

This clip is from the 1994 60-minute documentary that the Silicon Valley Historical Association conducted called “Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur”

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Smartphone = a Coaster?

Smartphones serve a plethora of purposes. We use them for work, socializing, browsing and they can even get us out of some sticky situations… Haven’t you ever been pretended to talk or text so you didn’t have to chat with someone? Yep, guilty! It looks like we […]

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Curious what iOS 7 will look like?

Each year, we can expect some big news from Apple at their WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Francisco, California. Many Apple-fanatics found themselves a bit under-whelmed with the 2013 reveals. One of the reveals included the iOS 7 design. You can check out their new icons […]

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We Sure Do Love Our Tablets

As a nation driven by technology and convenience, it’s no shocker that we love our tablets. Pew Research Center conducted a survey and found that 1 in 3 American adults owns a tablet. Tablet sales for adults have seen a huge boost in the past 3 years. […]

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Images Leaked – Samsung Announces the “Active”

It seems to be a frequent occurrence for Samsung as of lately and yet again, a few images and videos were leaked of their newest smartphone. Last week, we told you about their newest phone from their wildly popular flagship, the Galaxy S4 Mini. This week, the […]

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Google is Changing the Game

Last week, the CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside announced something by the name of Moto X. With a name like that, we wonder, what could it be? Well, it just may be a game changer for the smartphone market, not only because of what it does but […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 MINI Coming Soon!

There has been lots of talk about a Galaxy S4 Mini this week since their image and specs were accidentally leaked. Samsung made a quick recovery by introducing the flagship’s new, mini version. The Galaxy S4 Mini supports most of its larger counterpart’s features and services, but […]

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“Winning” for Apple, Samsung and All of the Others

Benedict Evans is a consultant as Enders Analysis, which is a U.K. based research firm. He has put together a post about how we view smartphones as “winning” and how units, revenue and operating profits do not always correlate.  If you take a look at his “Dominance […]

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Samsung S4 Soars

  The past 27 days have been very good for Samsung and their newest flagship, the Galaxy S4. In less than a month, they have managed to sell over 10 million of these smartphones worldwide, estimating four units per every second. This is a huge accomplishment for […]

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