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Mobile Websites with: External Links

Mobile websites (when they’re created correctly…) tend to have all of the information that users are looking for. They’re organized nicely, they’re easy to navigate, and contact information is readily available. But there are certain aspects that just can’t be contained within mobile websites. What if a […]

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Mobile Websites with: Calendar of Events

A calendar of events can be tricky to navigate on mobile websites. If it shows up as an actual calendar, the fonts are guaranteed to be too small to read without pinching and zooming. And if you hit the wrong date, you have to backtrack and hopefully […]

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Launching website without mobile

Consider the following stats: In January, Apple announced that it has activated 315 iOS devices Not to be outdone, in February, Google announced that it has activated more than 300 million Android devices While iOS and Android make up the bulk of smartphones, there are millions of […]

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Smartphones Are Taking Over

Almost half (49.7%) of all mobile users now have a Smartphone, and those that have one are smart enough to know that a website should perform differently on their shiny new mobile device. More smartphones = more mobile web traffic. More mobile web traffic means that mobile […]

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Coming Soon – Mobile Forms

The mobiFriendly White Label Platform already has a series of robust features that are unmatched. Our rival platforms have started offering “auto-generation” of mobile sites (from desktop sites). Unfortunately, their idea is long on VC-funded marketing dollars, and short on technology! If you have tried them, you […]

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Restaurant Chain Examples powered by mobiFriendly

Firehouse Subs Mobile and The Ram family of Restaurants Mobile have been powered by the mobiFriendly platform for over a year now. Both continue to grow rapidly with Firehouse Subs expecting to add more than 150 locations this year.

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Responsive Design or Mobile Website?

A website designed as “responsive” means that you only have to design a website once and it will display on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Sounds great, right? Well, not if you care about SEO (search engine optimization). Although the technology has been around for a […]

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Evolution of the Apple Logo

Most large multinational companies go through a logo redesign once a decade (or so). Some logos are timeless and barely change (e.g. CocaCola). You are familiar with Apple’s shiny silver-gray 3D logo introduced in 1998, but how many of you remember the logo with Sir Isaac Newton […]

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Mobile World Congress 2012 Video | Devices and Tech

SkyNews review of Mobile World Congress 2012 (Barcelona) provides an unbiased view of some pretty cool gadgets, mobile devices and technologies. 24 minutes but worth it!

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Mobile Websites designed by our wonderful White Labels

Here is a look at a few of the newest mobile websites created on the MobiFriendly platform. The links provided will show you the sites in our simulator. Try them out on your smartphone to get the best experience! > Preventing Lead Fraud for all verticals […]

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