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Biggest Mobile Complaints from Consumers

Since mobile is “the next big thing” and still so new, mobile providers and developers are always looking for the latest information to figure out what it is that mobile consumers want. Thanks to Keynote Competitive Research, we’re a little closer to knowing what’s going on in the minds of our Mobile Users.

The Background:
Keynote Competitive Research surveyed a panel of 5,388 panelists on a ten minute, 25-50 question survey on device ownership and usage preferences in mobile. Of the respondents, 3,145 were smartphone users and 1,976 were tablet users. The survey was conducted in the first half of 2012.

How Mobile Devices are Used:

Smartphone and Tablet users share 4 of their top 5 activities on their mobile devices.

  1. Looking for Local Information (Maps & Events) – done by 88% of Smartphone Users (most common Smartphone activity), and 72% of Tablet Users
  2. Searching for General Information – 82% on Smartphones, 77% on Tablets
  3. Social Media / Networking Sites – 76% on Smartphones, 75% on Tablets
  4. Reading about News & Entertainment – 75% on Smartphones, 79% on Tablets (most common Tablet activity)
The Top 5 activity not shared was Finding Local Services by Tablet Users, and Watching Videos by Smartphone users. Note that over 50% of mobile users on the other device still participate in this activity.

Where Users Would Like to See the Most Improvement: 

The overall mobile experience has improved by leaps and bounds since the first smartphone was released back in 2007. If you’re wondering what mobile users wish would improve even more, now you know:

66% of Smartphone and Tablet Users hate to wait for their pages to load. The next biggest issue? A website not even having a mobile version*.

*If you or your clients are without a mobile website, Contact Us right away! Why let 50% of your potential customers be unhappy with your company when you could be converting them into clients right from your mobile website? Seriously, all it takes is a quick email

The Time to Beat:

So what’s the magic number to keep Mobile Users on the website?

Yikes! That’s not a lot of time. How can you be sure that your client’s websites will load that quickly on a mobile device? The easiest way is to use our mobile content management system where every feature is optimized for mobile!

See for yourself how all of the above Top Activities Performed on Mobile Devices are available on our platform:

  1. Looking for Local Information (Maps & Events)
  2. Searching for General Information
  3. Social Media / Networking Sites
  4. Reading about News & Entertainment
  5. Finding Local Services
  6. Watching Videos

This study proves there’s no time to waste when it comes to going mobile. Finally ready?

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