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Apple Maps in iOS 6 Leave Much to be Desired

One of the most talked about updates on the new iPhone 5, and older versions of the iPhone that have upgraded to iOS 6, is the Apple Maps App. Previously all iPhones used Google Maps, but that is not the case with the lastest update.

Many people were skeptical about Apple trying to create their own mapping app. After all, Google has had years of practice and consumers are familiar with Google maps. As it tuns out, the skeptics were right.

Apple Maps are lacking public transportation directions and showing images of clouds instead of a city. There’s even a new Tumblr, The Amazing iOS 6 Maps, showcasing the best of the worst:

A flattened Eiffel Tower

The Brooklyn bridge looking more like a roller coaster


In addition to having trouble within the Apple Maps App itself, users are also noticing issues when trying to use Google Maps in their mobile web browser.  Google Maps on a browser does not have the functionality built-in for tapping the pin to open a window. Instead, the address will show up on the screen bottom. The following screen shots show an iPhone viewing a company’s location on a mobile website using the Google Maps App, and then in a mobile web browser on iOS 6.



Before iOS 6, tapping on the map displayed within the mobile website opened the Google Map App and displayed the exact location. Tapping on the address opened a new page with options to get directions to or from the location, as well as save or share it.



After iOS 6, tapping on the map opens Google Maps in a browser window. The address is now displayed below the map, and there is no way to interact with the “pin” on the map. When the address is opened in the Apple Maps App, even less information is supplied.

We’ll have to agree with this Tumblr contributor until Apple fixes all of these problems:

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