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Address and Map Not Syncing Correctly on Location Module? We Can Help!

Occasionally we get calls here at mobiFriendly saying that the mapping in the Location module is not working properly.  The issue is that the address is correct, however, for anyone clicking on the Google Map provided, they are taken to a wrong location, sometimes just down the street, other times on a completely different road.

This issue seldom occurs, but when it does, we have the solution for you to fix it quickly and easily.

If you notice this issue with one of your sites, please follow these steps:

1. Go to: and type in the address you would like to locate:


2. If you do not have the LatLng Tooltip and Marker enabled, click on Map Labs on the bottom left-hand corner (see above) and enable both LatLng Tooltip and Marker and then save Changes


3. On the exact location you would like GeoCoordinates, right click and then hit “Drop LatLng Marker” and the coordinates should appear like this:



4. Log into your account and find the mobile website you are having the issue with and click on the Location/Maps module:



5. Click Edit and scroll down to Latitude and Longitude



6. Delete the incorrect coordinates and input the correct coordinates you would like to use and then click Save

**Note: Do not click Update Geolocation, only click Save – or else the wrong coordinates will appear again**

We hope you never encounter this issue, but if you do, we hope these 6 simple steps help.  If all else fails, always remember you can give us a call anytime. 🙂

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