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Adding a Blog to the Mobile Site

EDIT: Since this question was asked, our developers have created an RSS Feed Module and added it to the platform. Now all you need to do is copy the RSS Feed URL and paste it into this module!

I have a client that has a blog on their desktop site that they want on the mobile site. Is there a URL or something I can put in so that the latest post are always updated? I was thinking the feed url but wanted to check with you.


Yep! That’s right. You should get to the RSS page that is all text. You will want to copy this URL and create an External Link on the mobile site.

You fill in the name of your White Label and the actual site itself, so you will make the external link:

“ of RSS feed

Just to be sure you are copying the right URL, the moBistro mobile site pulls its blog from this page:

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