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Add Social Media to your Mobile Website

There are many reasons to include access to your social media accounts on your mobile website. The biggest reason? That’s where your consumers are viewing social media: Close to 40% of Social Media users access their accounts from a mobile device.

Most mobile websites created on the mobiFriendly content management system have included social media either by manually adding icons under the Header, or adding them to the menu navigation as External Links. Now there is an even better and easier way. The new Social Media mobile site settings:

Now getting Social Media icons to appear on a mobile website and link to your client’s account is a one step process. The first part of the URL is provided, just add your client’s vanity URL. Any icons that you don’t add a vanity URL to won’t be displayed on the mobile site. MobiFriendly has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn:

mobile content management system

Next you can decide how and where you want your icons to show up. Our content on the rest of the mobile site is centered, so we’ll center our Social Media Icons as well. For now we’ll keep the icons in “before content” space just below the Header/Logo, but if best practices show to place them in the footer as well, we can easily come back to these settings and check the “after content” box, too.

mobile content management system

That’s it! Now our social media icons appear on our mobile site and will direct end-users to the mobile version of our Social Media Accounts. Want to try it out yourself? Visit on your smartphone.

mobile content management system


Future updates to be added to the Social Media section include more social media accounts, and more icons per account. Have suggestions for the next version? Let us know what your clients are asking for and it just may show up in the next update.

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