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3 Steps to Successful Mobile Marketing

Even though every page on the internet is saying “2012 is the Year of Mobile”, a vast majority of companies still don’t have mobile strategies – or at least not good ones. Going mobile sooner rather than later can be a large advantage over the competition.

Here are a 3 Steps to make sure your clients (or for our resellers: your client’s clients) are getting the best experience with your brand on their mobile devices.

1. Realize that Mobile is Important and plan accordingly.

Actions speak much louder than words. If you are a reseller – make sure that your website has a great mobile version. Do your employees have mobile business cards yet? Embrace every aspect of mobile business and your clients and customers will be sure to follow suit.

2. Be sure that your Mobile Strategy matches what your consumers want.

Although we are a big fan of the “tell your customers what they want” methodology of Apple (hence our constant platform updates), we do understand that catering to clients is key. Research your audience, as well as the phones they subscribe to. If your target market is mostly using Blackberry still, don’t waste your time creating an iPhone App. A mobile website is fine in this case.

If your target market is primarily Smartphone users, a website and App (Android and iPhone) may be a good idea.

Do your customers prefer text messages to surfing the mobile web? An SMS campaign would be your best option.

Make sure to track analytics of any and all campaigns that you run to accurately identify which ones are working the best. We love Google Analytics and are constantly watching our own mobile stats.

3. Use every opportunity to promote your Mobile strategy

How will you promote your mobile content, get noticed and drive success? Integrating mobile with desktop and traditional marketing is very important.

Include QR codes that link to your mobile website, or provide a link that allows users to download your app. Add mobile redirection script to your desktop site so that mobile users always get the best experience possible.  Most social media users do so on their mobile devices, so include a link to your website or App on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account.

Get creative and explore all of your options. Especially with Apps – there are over 500,000 in the iTunes App Store and more than 300,000 in the Android Market. Getting noticed is key – make sure you have a plan. Or you could work with a company that will give you ideas and help you out with this (hint, hint).


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