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Windows Tablet Competing on Battery Life and Price

The first pre-order pricing that was published for the Microsoft Surface tablet was by a Swedish retailer. After converting the price to U.S. dollars, the lowest-end model came out at over $1,000! But Microsoft has released statements saying the tablet will be “priced competitively” with other tablets on […]

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Microsoft has Larger Percentage of Profit than Apple

When it comes to mobile operating systems, mobile providers, and increasingly even desktop/laptop computers, Microsoft seems to be falling behind top competitors like Apple and the Android providers. Projections for 2012 are showing a different picture though, Microsoft might not be doing as poorly as it seems… […]

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2012 Mobile Website Traffic

Mobile website traffic as a whole is really taking off this year. Overall traffic has increased tremendously. But when it’s broken down by operating system, we really haven’t seen too much change. Although Apple’s hold on the mobile market is roughly around 7%, they continue to have […]

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The CIA Goes Mobile

In response to the growing use of mobile devices, the Central Intelligence Agency has launched a mobile version of their website that provides on-the-go users access to documents and even restricted exhibits. The mobile site launched on Aug. 6, 2012 and was designed so that “readers can […]

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Biggest Mobile Complaints from Consumers

Since mobile is “the next big thing” and still so new, mobile providers and developers are always looking for the latest information to figure out what it is that mobile consumers want. Thanks to Keynote Competitive Research, we’re a little closer to knowing what’s going on in […]

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Android Stats and Traffic Don’t Add Up

According to Nielsen, Android devices accounted for over 51% of the market share in Q2 of 2012. Those look like great numbers for the Android Platform, but our traffic just isn’t showing Android taking over. Here are the mobile web traffic stats for all mobile sites (1,700+) […]

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Nokia Lumia launches Nail Polish Line

“Nokia Lumia Pink” isn’t only a colorful phone, but now it’s a nail polish color, too. Valerie Buckingham, director of marketing for Nokia North America, tells Women’s Wear Daily the collaboration marks “the next generation of mobility” because “phones are in your back pocket all day [and should […]

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Video Tutorials for Creating Mobile Websites

Although the MobiFriendly platform makes creating mobile websites a quick and easy process, we wanted to reduce the learning curve even more. We have started creating Video Tutorials to help our White Labels design mobile websites quickly and easily. Here is the YouTube Channel containing all of […]

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Add Social Media to your Mobile Website

There are many reasons to include access to your social media accounts on your mobile website. The biggest reason? That’s where your consumers are viewing social media: Close to 40% of Social Media users access their accounts from a mobile device. Most mobile websites created on the […]

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Mobile traffic on mobiFriendly reaches new highs

As the mobiFriendly platform continues to add new White Labels powering mobile sites, traffic continues to grow exponentially. On August 1, we will have more than 1700 mobile sites powered by mobiFriendly with more than 4000 locations worldwide. As for traffic, it is routine for us to […]

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