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Smartphones becoming necessities to people under 35

Almost half of 20,000 mobile users under the age of 35 say they have a Smartphone – even those making less than $15,000 per year. It makes sense that the higher a person’s income, the more likely they are to own a more expensive phone, but this […]

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New Android App – Desert Sun Pediatrics A new Android app just launched yesterday for Desert Sun Pediatrics. Now patients can have a convenient icon on their Android phone to quickly look up directions or call for appointments. If you live in North Phoenix (Desert Ridge area) and are an Android user, here […]

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Sell mobile websites by connecting with clients

SNL Verizon Skit Full Video Don’t become an SNL skit like Verizon. Talking to clients about technology they don’t understand isn’t going to help make the sale. So, how do you know what you should do in order to relate to prospective clients? Here are a few […]

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Super Bowl Gone Mobile

Congratulations, Giants! Super Bowl veiwers can usually be broken down into those who watch the game for the football, the commericals, or the half-time show. Google breaks people into categories based on what they search for during the game – Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Seven Layer Dip… […]

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Mobile Website or App?

Now that MobiFriendly is offering Apps in addition to Mobile Websites, our White Labels are asking “Which one should I create for my client?”. While the Apps that we are creating are WebView and based off of the mobile website, this is a valid question that is […]

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Can I change the size of the Main Menu Navigation bars?

I would like the bars to be a bit thinner so that more show “above the fold”. Is there a way to do this? Solution: Yes, this can be achieved with CSS. Use this code, and adjust the 1.175 to a smaller number! Make sure the font […]

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How do I track traffic for all of my mobile sites?

Question: I would like to track traffic for every mobile site on my administration panel. Is there a way to do this without going through each individual site? Solution: Yes, and it’s quite simple! First, set up a Google Analytics account: To get a Google Analytics account, […]

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Phone Number on Home Page of Mobile Site

When we add a location and a phone number it shows up on the index page. Is there a possibility to have that option of the number showing up on the home page but without the location? We found that adding that tap-to-call option would be really […]

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New Smartphone owners prefer iOS

We reported our December mobile traffic here, showing that over 50% was coming from iPhones. While Nielsen reports that 46.3% of all Smartphone users have an Android-based device, there are solid statistics backing up our figures as well. 44.5% of people who bought a Smartphone in the […]

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Android Apps | 5 in 10 days

The Parsus team has been busy and already has 5 apps in the Android Market; you can find these by clicking here. We are already busy with the next 5. worrimentsget loan approved

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