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Can we prevent YouTube videos from showing related videos at the end?

Question: Have you ever had anybody ask about how we can get youtube videos from showing related videos after the end of their videos? Solution: Yes, I have. We actually recommend this so that your customers stay focused on your brand and don’t get distracted by other […]

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Add images or .pdf files directly to mobile site?

Question: On the mobile sites is there a way to add images or .pdf files to the site without having the files hosted on another site.  Currently the only way we can add an image or a .pdf file to the site is to give the full […]

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Changing the Arrows on the Navigation links

Is there a way to use a different arrow or change the color of the arrows on the navigation links? The grey doesn’t really fit with this site. lending companiesbureaus will Solution: Definitely! You can actually use any picture/arrow you want. The image should be 20×13 px. […]

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Removing map and location from Home Page

Hi, My client wants to have the address and phone number on the bottom of the home page, but they do not want the map icon and the click to the map since this is just a PO box.  How can we remove this? Solution: There is no […]

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Moving a Demo Site from my account to my client's

How do I get the demo site I created under my account over to the new account that I will be creating for the client.  I see in the admin where I create the “Client’ and then add the “Users” to that client account, but I don’t […]

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Can we change the format of the “Switch to Desktop version” text at the bottom of the site?

Can we change the format of the “Switch to Desktop version” text at the bottom of the site?  My client doesn’t like the shadow look of the text. Can this be changed with the CSS? Solution: Yes, the way to change this text is by using this CSS […]

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Can the "Powered by" Text be removed from some mobile websites?

Hi, Can we only have the powered by on a site by site basis.  Some of our clients do not want our company name at the bottom of their site, but some are OK with this.  Currently when we add the Powered By” Text/HTML it goes onto […]

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Is it possible to only reduce the transparency of the menu background, but leave the text and icons at 100%?

My question is in regards to the menu transparency.  When I reduce the opacity of the menu it reduces not only the menu background transparency, but also the text and icon transparency.  Is it possible to only reduce the transparency of the menu background, but leave the […]

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Mobile buying more than Doubles this Holiday Season

Cyber Monday 2010 3.9% of Americans used a Smartphone to search for holiday gifts 2.3% made a purchase from their phone Fast-Forward to this year Cyber Monday 2011 11% used a mobile device for shopping 6.6% made a purchase     According to comScore, holiday Web sales […]

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Expanding to Canada and Europe

mobiFriendly now has White Label operations in Canada and Europe. While we are still looking for qualified White Labels all over the world (emphasis on QUALIFIED), we now have representation in Eastern Canada and Spain! Our White Labels are now in: Arizona, USA (3) California, USA Colorado, […]

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